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Notes About Johan Haviland China

  Johann Haviland China is named after Johann Haviland, a German immigrant who came to the United States in the 1800s. Haviland began experimenting with china production and soon became known for his quality wares.The Johann Haviland company was officially founded in 1907 in Waldenburg, Germany, and produced a variety...

Lenox Christmas Figurines Available

Believe it or not,  Christmas is around the corner.  It is time to make decisions and to shop.  Lenox figurines are desirable gifts.  Our inventory contains vintage out of production items ...... some in original factory packaging.  Lenox is a well-known brand that has been manufacturing porcelain figurines for Christmas...

Describe The Market For Decorative Plated

Overall, the market for decorative plates continues to be driven by  consumers desire to personalize their living spaces and express their  individual style.

Johnson Brothers English Maker Of Vintage Dinnerware

English makers of vintage dinnerware include Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Spode, Minton, Royal Worcester, and Johnson Brothers. These companies were known for their high-quality ceramic products that often featured intricate designs and elaborate patterns. Their vintage dinnerware remains popular among collectors today due to its beauty, history, and craftsmanship. Many of...

Collectible Figurines of Flowers by Lenox

Lenox is a brand of high-       end fine china and porcelain collectibles that has been producing high-quality porcelain and ceramic objects since 1889. One of Lenox's most   popular collectible lines is their flower figurines. 

Wedgwood Collectible Dinnerware at Carolina China Collectibles

Wedgwood is a well-known brand of collectible dinnerware, offering a wide variety of fine china styles and patterns to choose from. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative designs.