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There is an annual party in the East Tennessee Blue Ridge Mountains. The event is held in the Town Of Erwin, which was the home of Blue Ridge Pottery. This gathering is really a two part thing, one being the Blue Ridge Pottery show which is held at the Unicoi County School and the other is The Unicoi County Apple Festival which takes place on the downtown streets.

Unicoi County Apple Festival Carolina China
The Blue Ridge Pottery show is amazing. Most of the displayers are locals who are showing and selling their collections. Their are bunches and bunches of pieces on display. These folks are believers…..their families were involved in the production of Blue Ridge Pottery.

The streets of downtown Erwin overflow with a crowd of 80,000 plus visitors for the two day event. There are usually over 300 craft and food vendors and this year was no different. Read more about the Apple Festival here.

This is a fun happening and would reccommend that you plan to attend. It is an annual affair.


Carolina China Collectibles does not display at this event but we do try to send a representative to view the local displays.

Get dates of the events and additional information here.
  • Blue Ridge Pottery Club
  • Apple Festival Activities
  • Unicoi County Apple Festival




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