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Stangl Pottery was founded in 1929, in Flemington, New Jersey, by Martin Stangl. It was first known as Fulper Pottery, who Stangl started working for in 1910.

In the beginning Stangl’s products were utility pottery. After Mr Stangl became vice president of the company they began to make colorful dinnerware pottery. This advancement continued on to making dinnerware with colorful flowers. Stangl dinnerwear quickly became very popular and remains so today.

In November 1978, Stangl Pottery ceased manufacturing and closed forever, signaling the end of a truly unique American folk-art product.

Martin Stangl died in 1972 and the pottery was bought by Frank Wheaton, Jr. In 1978, Pfaltzgraff bought the Stangl trademark and liquidated the remaining inventory. Stangl pottery has become gems for collectors.

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Stangl pottery pieces are very colorful and very collectible. Many American kitchens are decorated with Stangl pieces.

Stangl Pottery Collectibles Carolina China



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