Precious Moments Figurine 110238

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Precious Moments Figurine 110238 Carolina China Collectibles 5 Precious Moments From The Beginning 25th Anniversary Figurine 110238

The Precious Moments figurine 110238 is a beautiful piece was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary and was introduced in 2003. The original price was set at $175.00 and the value has appreciated. We will sell for the reduced price of $149.00.

We recently added this very collectible piece to our shop. Click here for purchase instructions.

Our search on the internet turned up only a couple of pieces for sale. This leads us to think that this piece may be difficult to find in the market. We have only one piece in stock.

A beautiful figurine will draw attention when displayed in your home. Take a look at our shop display of other home decor items. CLICK HERE

Precious Moments Figurine 110238

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