Carolina China Vintage Collectibles

    Regardless of condition, all items for sell on our web site, Carolina China Collectibles, must be considered as used..

    Carolina China Vintage Collectibles

    Carolina China is a marketer of Vintage Dinnerware

    Our stock numbers about 3000 pieces. All are not listed in the store yet…but we are working on it.

    Our vintage china pieces are suitable as replacements or to add to your collection.

    Most of our vintage pieces are one of a kind. Only a few are multiple quantities. These pieces are to be considered as used. We describe the condition as we see it. Please ask questions if we are not clear to you. We will help in any way possible.
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  • Carolina China Vintage Collectibles

    See listings of collectibles from respected brands and manufacturers.

  • Wedgwood
  • Noritake
  • C A Lehman
  • Christineholm
  • Many Others
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