Collecting Vintage Dinnerware

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Royal Albert Cup and Saucer Carolina China CollectiblesChina collections often begin with grandmother passing her special dishes down to mother and then daughter. In the old days having a set of fine china in the home was a special thing, it was a sign of some measure of success.

The fine china was only used on special occasions and for Sunday dinner. It was call “the good dishes”.

Fine china and porcelain has evolved into a collectible thing. My wife has sixteen sets of china that have never been used. They are a thing of beauty and craftsmanship and she had a feeling of satisfaction in accumulating this collection. She would talk china to some of her friends and occasionally pull a set out of the closet so that her friends could “ooh and ahh”. Everyone was happy and smiled a lot.

Today, folks do not have others over for dinner as in the old days. Collecting vintage china has evolved into more of a hobby, just like collecting anything. There are coin collectors, stamp collectors and even athletic shoe collectors……..Now who would want to collect shoes?…….

If you’re not lucky enough to have a set or two of fine china passed down to you, no problem. There’s actually an advantage to that. Instead of taking up where grandma left off, you can find an antique or vintage pattern that suits your own taste and style and start your own collection.

No matter how you get started, this type of collecting can be a satisfying hobby. Putting together a set of antique or vintage dinnerware can be a fun way to outfit your kitchen or decorate your dining area.

Collecting Vintage Dinnerware